Trend Analyzer with AI tools

Today we’ve used an in-house Trend Analyzer AI bot to give us all the 2024 Design Trends (mostly gathered from analyzing Youtube videos):

Here is the results:
1. 🌿 “Botanica” design trend focuses on natural elements, providing a sense of peace and calm.

2. ✂️ “Scrapbooking” trend combines bright, cheerful colors and eclectic imagery, resembling modern collage.

3. 🔲 “Digital Deconstructivist” design trend disrupts traditional design conventions with layered complexity.

4. 🏞️ “Environmental Typography” integrates typography into physical spaces, creating immersive brand experiences.

5. 📐 “Geometrica” design trend emphasizes clear geometric shapes, using bold, youthful colors.

6. 💰 “Golden Era” design trend exudes luxury and sophistication, often using gold to convey premium quality.

7. 🎈 “Kitty Land” design trend brings joy and playfulness through bright colors and whimsical illustrations.

8. 🚨 “Better Red” design trend uses the power and intensity of red to command attention and make a statement.

9. 🤸‍♂️ “Elasto Type” trend extends typography beyond its usual limits, adding a dynamic visual rhythm.

10. ✒️ “Flared Fonts” trend adds character to typography with curves and embellishments, perfect for brands seeking uniqueness.

12. 👖 “Vintage Americana” design trend offers a nostalgic nod to mid-20th century American aesthetics, ideal for conveying heritage and tradition.

13. 🤖 “AI Assimilation” trend showcases the integration of artificial intelligence into creative design across various industries.

14. 🔰 “Heatmapping Trend” involves the use of colorful blends reminiscent of heat maps from infrared imaging or eye-tracking software. It’s widely applied across various design domains, from apparel to web design, offering both figurative and abstract visual possibilities.

We then went into GPT-4 and asked to create one key visual for each #trend
Here are some of the results: