Our Innovation Lab is dedicated to revolutionizing the fashion and beauty industries through cutting-edge AI technologies. We are committed to educating fashion brands on the capabilities of generative AI, exploring both the economic and creative opportunities it offers. This includes a focus on brand protection, ensuring that while innovation progresses, the uniqueness and intellectual property of each brand are safeguarded.

We also created our own AI Design Copilot app, designed to assist creatives in generating innovative designs and enhancing productivity.

Additionally, the lab emphasizes the development of AI Model Strategy, offering custom training solutions that leverage clients’ proprietary datasets to deliver highly tailored outcomes. Research is another cornerstone of the lab, with ongoing exploration into the latest advancements in generative AI technology.

To extend its impact further, the lab is exploring sustainable practices in AI, promoting eco-friendly design processes that align with global sustainability goals, thereby setting new standards for ethical innovation in fashion and beauty.


AI Design Copilot: A state-of-the-art tool that assists designers by providing AI-driven suggestions, automating routine tasks, and enhancing creative processes. This tool allows for rapid prototyping and real-time design iteration, enabling designers to explore more creative avenues without the usual time constraints.

Custom AI Model Strategy Development: Tailoring AI models specifically for individual brands using their proprietary datasets. This personalized approach ensures that the solutions are highly relevant and effective, enhancing brand value and market competitiveness.

Exploration of Economic and Creative Opportunities: The lab conducts thorough research and testing to uncover new ways generative AI can be used to boost profitability and creativity within the fashion industry. This includes developing case studies and success metrics to quantify the impact of AI integration.

Brand Protection Strategies: Development of AI-driven tools and methodologies aimed at protecting the unique identities and intellectual properties of fashion brands. This includes the use of AI to monitor and enforce copyright and trademark regulations effectively across digital platforms.

Research on Latest GenAI Technologies: Ongoing research initiatives to stay at the forefront of emerging AI technologies. The lab collaborates with academic institutions and technology partners to develop new applications and improve existing models.

GenAI Education for Fashion Brands: A comprehensive educational program that introduces fashion brands to generative AI technologies. The program covers the potential economic benefits and creative enhancements AI can offer, along with practical workshops to demonstrate AI’s application in real-world scenarios.