Maison Meta annouces a global strategic partnership spring studios

Today, we are excited to announce our Global Partnership with Spring Studios (Press release here). Together, we will leverage the power of Generative AI to help leading brands across a number of different area

This partnership encompasses several key initiatives:

1) Acceleration of Maison Meta’s Innovation Lab: Building upon the success of our Gen AI Solutions already deployed with clients, such as our proprietary AI Design Assistant, we aim to bring these innovative solutions to market quicker and bringing massive efficiencies to our clients everyday operations.

2) “Spring Talks“: A series of presentations and panel discussions dedicated to exploring cutting-edge applications of AI within the fashion and beauty sectors. This platform will showcase our case studies, practical use cases, demonstrations, and bring exclusive insights from industry experts.

3) Workshops and Training Programs: With some already planned for our clients, these 1-2 sessions are designed to offer practical insights and hands-on experience on the use and application of AI solutions across the creative, design and marketing functions.

A big thank you to Giuseppe Stigliano (Spring’s Global CEO) for your support and for believing in our vision.

For further information please contact us at